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Sitemanager FTP

The Telusys File Transfer Protocol (FTP) interface for Sitemanager named "Sitemanager FTP" is a premium service that allows registered Web site administrators to utilize the FTP protocol for managing files on a Telusys Web server as an alternative to the Web-based Telusys Site Administration Program (TSAP 2.0).

Sitemanager FTP (SFTP) requires that a user is on a fixed network connection with a static IP address. For security reasons, Telusys can not make exceptions to this requirement. Site administrators who are uncertain whether they are on a static IP address should consult with the Telusys SFTP Frequently Asked Questions document and contact their ISP or online service provider to make the determination whether they are eligible for the service.

SFTP is licensed on a per desktop basis. The licensing costs and fees for SFTP are as follows:

Single Network* / Single Desktop $200 one-time charge
Single Network* / Multiple Desktops $200 first desktop
$100 per additional desktop
Multiple Networks** / Multiple Desktops $200 per desktop
Change of Static IP Address $75 per change, covering one or more desktops on a single network
Restoring Files from a Backup Tape $150 per hour
$75 per incident minimum

*Single network is defined a group of IP addresses in a continuous block.

**Multiple networks is defined as groups of IP addresses on separate non-continuous network blocks.