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Tel/Serv incorporates full list-serve functionality — with one can manage the mail list directly from a Web interface via the Sitemanager program. It supports on-the-fly additions of new e-mail addresses, mail groups, and delivery times. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to mail lists via e-mail or through the Web. An optional feature of this program interfaces to the bulletin board for e-mail notification of message posting. All messages are recorded and tracked via Stat-Track.

Tel/Serv is ideal for generating continued interest in your Web site and as an invaluable communications tool. Typical uses are lists for board members or employees only; a list for those recipients that want to receive the organization newsletters ore e-newsletters by e-mail only; late breaking news releases and developments; product introduction or convention registration notices; special groups or committees list for sharing information. There are no limits to the number of lists that can be set up.

Full client-side administration for 50,000 message units monthly is included on this program for a base charge of $30.00 per month. Participating chapter programs offer 10,000 free message units monthly with no limits on list generation.