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The E-Newsletter program provides the ultimate solution for using e-mail as an effective marketing and communications tool. The E-Newsletter provides all the tools necessary to build high-impact e-mail publications incorporating text, graphics, audio, video, and multimedia flash to targeted lists of recipients. Once messages are delivered, detailed feedback reports instantly display the results of the effectiveness of the mailing.

E-Newsletter features a Web based e-mail builder wizard that lets you build HTML based e-mail publications such as brochures, newsletters, and press releases without HTML coding and without programming. An unlimited number of interactive E-Newsletter publications can be saved for future usage.

The software allows the creation of multiple groups of recipients. Individual E-Newsletter publications can target any group of recipients desired and the system provides opt-out features for recipients who wish to be excluded from future mailings. Delivery schedules can be set precisely for time-critical announcements and messages.

The E-Newsletter reporting module provides instant feedback reports for statistical data concerning the delivery and use of the E-Newsletter. These reports include: a detailed analysis of the number of messages delivered; undeliverable messages; number of messages opened; and clicked link status.