Application Software Online Surveys

E-Surveymaker features a custom, online survey building system that gives your organization a Web-interfaced method of constructing online surveys — cost-effectively. Interactive surveys have become the most effective means of canvassing and compiling data from a wide audience reach. A primary benefit of this method of polling is immediate access to information that can help you make an effective business plan and focus on mission-critical marketing strategies.

E-Surveymaker's user friendly interface provides on-the-fly survey generation regardless of the size of the survey — one question or a thousand questions. Choose from two purchase options, either by individual survey or an unlimited survey development plan.

E-Surveymaker's user-friendly Web interface lets you build each survey, one question at a time, preview your progress and assign important functions to each survey. Typically, assigned tasks include activate/deactivate date; display status; and required/not required designation. Formatting style features allow questions to display one-by-one, or all questions at one time. Responses are forwarded to a designated e-mail box for review.

Intuitive functionality allows surveys to display for new entrants, or, if an entrant has previously taken the survey, it will not display again. Timed relinquish date; required, or not required field entry selection; conditional "jump-to next question"; custom thank you message upon completion; and a variety of question format styles round out the interactive features of the E-Surveymaker.

Reporting modules compile statistics on a variety of pertinent data such as number of responses, totals and averages. Client-side administrative reporting lets you download data in tab or quote-comma delimited format. Survey responses can be viewed and analyzed individually if desired.