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TCSC Payment System

Accept Online Payments for Membership Applications, Products and Services, Dues, Donations, and Meeting Registrations

The Telusys Customer Service Center (TCSC) provides a powerful method for Web site administrators to offer online purchasing cost-effectively. TCSC's easy-to-use interface accommodates a variety of product offerings such as: online registrations, membership applications, dues payments, donations, sponsor participation, products and services for sale, and other items that the administrator chooses to add to the module.

TCSC secure access lets you manage your inventory of items through the TCSC Administration program. Private access utilizes a username and password to enter the administrative functions in this area.

The TCSC Administration module consists of four main components: Registration Reports, Registration Administration, Accounting, and Support. The Registration Report provides a monthly report of registered sales purchased through the TCSC Web site. The Registration Administration provides a way to add, edit, and modify registration options that will be used to build the online registration forms that Web customers utilize. The Accounting section provides a monthly report of sales of items and lists the associated fees TCSC and card processor charges. The Support link provides a convenient form to contact Telusys at any time with questions or comments.

Easy to use templates let you:
Build Forms
Edit an Existing Form
Delete an Existing Form

Overview of TCSC Features:

Registration Report — monthly activity report is available for online registrations including registrations purchased by check and those that were purchased via credit card.

Registration Administration — provides tools for managing and editing inventory of available Events and Meetings at the TCSC. Build or edit forms offline and when ready copy and paste a registration link onto your Web site. The suggested link displays the words Register Securely Online. Link wording can easily be changed in HTML or insert a graphic icon.

Accounting Report — reports on all credit card sales made via TCSC for a specified time period. Fees automatically include TCSC fees as well as credit card processing fees and related transactional and ordering charges.

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