You will need to create an account with Telusys to use the TCE system. All users, including existing Telusys clients, must click on the "Create" link to create their account and enter their contact information. This Sitemanager account information can be updated at any time and can be utilized to register for other Telusys online products and services.

Accounts for new clients are subject to review and approval by Telusys' administrative staff before they are activated. Existing Telusys clients are automatically activated if a Sitemanager user name and password is supplied during the account creation process.

Users who have created an account and have been activated, can proceed to Step 2 and Register for the Telusys Continuing Education System.

Once your account is activated and you have registered for the TCE system, you may select "CE Quiz Administration" to begin to create your CEs.

CE Quiz Administration

There are 8 functionalities under CE Quiz Administration.
  • Add a Quiz - Create a new quiz
  • Modify a Quiz - Modify/Delete existing questions in a quiz
  • Delete a Quiz - Delete an existing quiz
  • Test a Quiz - Error-check a quiz before making it live
  • Add a User - Grant access to a quiz to a user
  • Delete a User - Remove a quiz record for a user
  • Manage Document - Add/Delete quiz related articles
  • Verify Security ID - Verify the authenticity of an online certificate